Friday, March 5, 2010

The Rebel- Exciting New Venue For Soccer and Execution of Women

Yet another extremely solid 7" from the Rebel. Those of you who know "Northern Rocks Bear Weird Vegetable" and Country Teasers "The Empire Strikes Back" will be familiar with 3 of the 4 songs on this E.P., though in different versions.
This is one of those 7''s I have trouble listening to only once. It's a perfect example of the medium: 4 short punchy (fucking great) songs combined into a compact, well rounded package.
Should i go on kissing Ben's ass or should you download it and form your own opinion? Your opinion is that Ben is a genius.
Just so you know.

1) Turtle v. Octopus
2) Please Ban Music
3) Keith
4) Spiderman in the Flesh

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