Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gate- The Monolake

Gate is Michael Morley from the Dead C, and fans of that band will have a lot to enjoy in Gate.
The first track samples the first opening seconds of The Rolling Stones' "Sway" (one of my Stones favorites) the whole way through. I never thought a Stones sample could pass for the Dead C, but it does.
Seeing how noise has grown in popularity, i find it surprising that Gate/the Dead C haven't grown in popularity. Going to noise shows these days consists of hearing bands who WISH they were Gate, even though they probably haven't heard it. It seems subtlety is square these days, but geez.
For something so harsh, this is a very meditative album. I might dare to venture that is is more accessible than the Dead C...
The last track is a cover of Faust's "Jennifer," with Michael playing and singing over the original. I hope it's also an homage to slacker pride.
If you're into drone, feedback, de-tuned guitars, lo-fi minimalist noise and mumbled vocals you may have a new favorite album.


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