Sunday, March 28, 2010

R. Crumb and the Cheap Suit Serenaders- Singing in the Bathtub

Now that spring is upon us, I figure an ol' timey sounding album for sitting lazily on the front porch, or in the back yard, and sipping some booze would make a fine addition to this blog and (y)our lazy drinkin. And please don't think that this is bluegrassy or some sensitive folky horse-crap. It's just music by guys who listen to too many '78s and in turn, this music delivers the listener out of the present time and into a simpler, more carefree state of mind.
Plus there's that Crumb sense of humor. The lyrics aren't drenched in it, and I think it's best not to overdo humor or try to fit too much in. It's far less effective.
This might not appeal to Yanks, fast paced, or serious people, but if you're a lazy Southerner (at least at heart) drinking a little beer in a comfy chair in the garden and sees it as the best thing to do with your afternoon, this just may be for you.