Monday, March 3, 2014

Digital Dingoes: ///EP

Freshly released 3rd EP from Kaleidoscope Death's somewhat electro-pop spin-off group.  Lo-fi cheap keyboard and drum machine dark pop...
Free downloads:

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

USR #5- THE STATON EMBASSY- From My Head to Yours

USR #5: One of my favorite qualities in music is when it defies easy description or classification, and when you try to compare it to something, you draw a complete blank...which happened the first time I heard The Staton Embassy.  That was many years ago and all I'd heard at that point was an EP she made about this shitty place where we both used to work.  A little over a year ago she gave me some more and I knew immediately that I had to release this stuff, it's so good and so strange, yet still accessible, plus a good sense humor never hurts.  It took a while to happen, but in that time she un-earthed close to 20 more minutes of material, more than worth the wait...
Through a smattering of styles and instrumentation, it all seems to have a traditional (not folk) feel, not to mention her wonderful approach to the voice as an instrument, often experimenting with vocal sounds, sometimes playful, and sometimes more can never tell what the next track will bring.  Throw in a bizarre sense of humor with social satire among several other styles and I guess that if I HAD to compare this to another band, not that they sound the same, but just have the same kind feel or approach, it would have to be the Residents.  Plus being home-recorded, sometimes lo-fi, all DIY, I've also gotta say it has a similar feel to many bands on the Messthetics comps., only done by one Southeastern US lady between 1999-2007. Things can get weird in the South...

Limited to 50 cassettes w/ download code:

and for anyone who was around NC at the beginning of the 2000's and was into post-punk...STATON played keyboards in Piedmont Charisma:

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Drunkenly made a mix of recent and not so recent stuff, no rhyme or reason...25 songs...the computer decides the sequence...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kaleidoscope Death- RestOfTheDrumTracks/ DeadDrum

USR #5 (Staton Embassy Cassette) is a bit delayed (but not for much longer!), so USR #6 bumps ahead!
The latest from Kaleidoscope Death is almost more like two E.P.s than one album.
KD tends to record drum tracks in bulk due to lack of drum set or rehearsal space, so side one ("RestOfTheDrumTracks") uses the remaining tracks after the Normal Time EP, split with Ivan the Tolerable, and various compilation exclusives.  Go figure the longer and slower ones were saved for last, but this allowed KD to continue on the path of constant experimentation, while staying somewhat the same.
"DeadDrum" is drum-less by default, though a few tracks use percussion from an old keyboard.

30 minute cassette with download code, lyric sheet, and random stuffings
Limited to only 25 copies!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts: Panty Raid

Gotta easily be the best band to ever come from Chapel Hill, NC.  As a native North Carolinian I've never understood why that town was supposed to be so stuff comes there sometimes, at least.
Instead of bland pretentious indie-rock you get basic pounded out R&B with "risqué" lyrics and jokes, and recorded every album live, in varying stages of undress, for a more party-like atmosphere...a very nice touch. Plus they had their own label, Gross Records.
And yes, it's really dumb, but dumb is always way more fun than smart.
In the early '60's they got a taste of fame touring the southern US college circuit, mostly frat-houses and are said to be the inspiration for Otis Day and the Knights in Animal House.
Dumb raunchy party rock, yep!

(There are no song titles anywhere on the jacket or record, but some guesses are "Let Me Pet Your Pretty Pussy," "Milk the Cow," "The Bearded Clam," etc.  )

Side One:

Side Two:

and a song that's not on this LP:

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Le Chômage- ST LP

Seems like most contemporary punk bands feel the need to always go further and further, more extreme than everything that came before, more or less becoming a ridiculous parody of itself.
Few groups can strip away all that bullshit, leaving the primitive anger seething under repeating parts with only a few notes a piece.  This reduction, and knowing how to do it well, is all too rare a trait these days.
Le Chômage does exactly that.  Hailing from one of the most vital punk/experimental/industrial/sinister what-have-you scenes that I've heard in a long time (Strasbourg, France) and containing members of many great bands from La Grande Triple Alliance Internationale de l'Est: Guitar: Nafi (The Dreams, Scorpion Violente, The Anals, AH Kraken, The Funk Police, etc.), Bass/Organ: Seb Normal (The Feeling of Love, Delacave, Prison Beat, The Normals, The Cheeraks, etc.), Drums: Nic Normal (The Normals, The Cheeraks, etc.), and Vocals/Organ: Baron Dimanche (???).  If you're familiar with those bands you may have an idea what kind of great stuff is in store here...and unfortunately, if you look for The Normals online, you're most likely to find the American Christian "alternative rock" band of the same name...
Whether they're playing slower tempo (Hemoragie, Moche), restrained, grinding mid-tempo tracks, set to explode (Dorniek, Traitre, Legionelle),  full punk fury (Knees, 1 Minute) or any combination therein, they all seem to burn with the same sinister energy, leaving the receptive listener feeling good about their bad thoughts.  Pummeling rhythm section, clamoring guitar noise, barked, screamed, or sung vocals seem to encircle the listener like a hungry shark toying with its food...but somehow leaves you feeling like the hungry shark yourself.  
This album is also a great example of raw, gritty, distorted recording done just right.  Everything sounds rough (in a great way), yet still clear...a wonderfully common thread in many bands from Le Grande Triple Alliance.
In case you're curious, their name means "Unemployment."  Fucking great.
Somehow, bands with these odd-sinister qualities played in such a direct way unfortunately go over a lot of people's heads, but punk was never done for the masses, anyways.
It's just great to know there are still people out there making music like this.

Link to listen/buy:

and live recordings by many great French bands, including Le Chômage: 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


So here it first compilation on 66 minute cassette with 22 songs by 20 bands from 6 countries, plus a fancy pants download code.

The Bands:

The Rebel
The Dreams
Yugoslavian Boys
Whatever Brains
Year of Birds
Secret Message Machine
Made for Chickens by Robots
The Dictaphone
The Staton Embassy
Girl Sweat
Mutant League
Hun Bed
Drag Sounds
Summer Camp Casanova
Het Zwaarden
Lya Lys
External Pernicious Evils
Kaleidoscope Death

Limited to 100 copies and going fast!!!  If you miss out digital copies are unlimited!
Order at:
gboronoise at yahoo dot com

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Periscope Breath- Schwalbe Messerschitt

So yep, another tape of noisy guitar sounds best suited for background music (not the best music to listen to small samples, better to play the whole thing and focus on something else)...and I recently started a bandcamp for Periscope Breath, and rather than this band dominating the release roster for the label, P-Breath is breaking out with "pay what you want" AKA free downloads there and super limited editions of 10 cassettes per album ($6 including shipping in US, others write first).
If by small chance you're into this stuff, check the bandcamp every few months, there will very likely be another tape.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ivan the Tolerable/ Kaleidoscope Death Split Cassette: Uuhngreh Schpuggenuh Records #3

Uuhngreh Schpuggenuh is very happy to announce the split release, with Ack! Ack! Ack! Records, between Ivan the Tolerable (Middlesbrough, UK) and Kaleidoscope Death (Greensboro, NC, USA), limited to 50 copies from either label...comes with download code and everything.
Ivan the Tolerable is the relentlessly prolific (and somehow always REALLY fucking good) solo project of Oli Heffernan, from the equally prolific/great Year of Birds...and many Ivan songs end up on Y.O.B. records.  This release is even more direct than previous Ivan releases, using traditional rock band instrumentation (guitar, bass, drums, vocals) than past releases with drum machines and keyboards  (not that there's anything wrong with that!).  Full throttle intelligent but not too brainy post-punk-garage blasts with hooks galore burning through 12 tracks in under 15 minutes.  Anyone into amped up rock should be into this...
Kaleidoscope Death doubles the instrumentation of the past few efforts (few things are more baffling to KD than having to fill 8 tracks) and the songs get a little longer (7 in under 15 minutes), one almost gets up to 3 minutes!  Again, lo-fi post-punk-garagish clang and meandering vocals are predominant.
Go figure these bands met on a Country Teasers fan page and are both enormous fans of the Fall and many many others in that vein.  Trans-Atlantic music nerd super split!

USA: $7 including shipping- email gboronoise at yahoo dot com
UK/Europe :

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Esquivel- 4 Corners of the World

For YEARS I've dreamed of finding an Esquivel record in a $1 bin, but I never expected it to be in such good shape.  I even found very beat up, but playable, copies of Captain Beefheart's "Safe as Milk" and Electric Prunes "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night" on later trips.
Anyway, this record is a little different than other Esquivel albums.  Rather than all kinds of instrumentation zooming all over the place, this is a more "straight forward" ensemble recording, focusing more on Esquivel's unrivaled piano skills, and still with those wonderfully wacky arrangements...maybe more like this music would've sounded performed live.  Few geniuses were ever this much fun.

Mohammed El-Bakkar and his Oriental Ensemble- Music of the African Arab Vol. 3

It's weird to find world music records with boobs on the cover in the dollar bin, well the back cover's got a little mold, but moldy boobs could get at least $2-3, right?
Great high energy record, more dance parties should have music like this, then maybe I'd go to one.

Mohammed El-Sulimen and his Oriental Ensemble- The Music or Port Said

Record is a bit scratchy, but no skips or anything.  By looking at the cover you can probably imagine exactly what this record sounds like, whether you find that to be a good or bad thing doesn't matter.  It's a good record and it only cost $1.  The opening track title just about sums it up: "Temptacious."

Bali- Gamelan Music from Sebatu

Never heard a gamelan record I didn't like, truly amazing small skip on the record though.
If only American religious music was like this...

Lew Davies and his Orchestra- Strange Interlude

Another cheesy dollar bin easy listening record (and plenty more to come).  For the life of me, I can't remember where I know the title track from...geez.  There are some great tracks on here, plenty of wacky stereo separation, and to my delight the really low clarinet (don't remember what that's called either) and other less than traditional instrumentation adds that little something extra that corny jazzy music needs to stand apart from the boring ol' pack.
Great background music for, go figure, cocktails, lounging, and/or getting into something or another...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pheromoans- "Does This Guy Stack Up?" *Plus* The Sticks- "I Don't Like It" *Plus* The Bomber Jackets-"Centurion Travel"


The Pheromoans- "Does This Guy Stack Up?"
This band is easily a favorite in contemporary music.  Past efforts were rough and ramshackle DIY post-punk gems, in all their deadpan glory.  The two mini-albums from 2011,"Bar-Rock" and "Darby, Joan, & Fosters," showed a path towards more, not necessarily polished, but clearer recordings and more pop leanings.  This one goes another step further in that direction, and despite what many punk/garage fans may think, this is not a bad thing at all.  Granted, "I'm Through with the Wedgie Cubist" (2009) is one of my favorite songs out there, and ideally I'd love more records like that, but I don't think I could continue to be interested by a band that continually played to fans' ideals.
The album starts out with a great one two punch, namely "The Final Sugar Rush" and "I'm a You-Know-What" (possibly the pop hit of the album) before venturing into more mysterious territory (odd ditties and pop hits in equal measure).  "Power Watch" vaguely reminds me of "Chairs Missing" era Wire...maybe it's just the backing vocals.  "Grab a Chair" plays like a cool guy slacker anthem, if slackers could bother with anthems.
Aside from art-punk leanings, there is a strong low-key garage influence too.  Still plenty of wordy, smart, smart assed lyrics, that are better heard than read.
Basically, this music is hard to put into words (that's a very good thing, you know) and this record, and band for that matter, are for anyone with an adventurous taste is music and a sense of humor.
Even though this LP is more pop influenced, this is still not a record for the masses, just something wonderful for us weirdos.

The Sticks- "I Don't Like It"
I'm not entirely sure of the personnel, but this group does contain a Pheromoans member.  The Sticks are even more stripped down and just as deadpan (maybe more?) than the Pheromoans.  There are some similarities to their sounds, but now that I'm familiar with the Sticks, there's no mistaking them.
The first time I listened to this tape I was struck by how sparse it is...clean low-key guitar, bass, drums, and sometimes vocals all doing something completely off the beaten path.  After the first listen, outside of a few tracks, I didn't really get it, but something made me keep flipping and re-flipping the tape all night.  Then it made a hell of a lot of sense.  I really recommend repeated listens to this band, really rewarding stuff here.
If the video below doesn't pique your interest, I really don't know what to say to you...

The Bomber Jackets- "Centurion Travel" 7"
In all honesty, electronic pop is not my favorite kind of music, granted a good song in any form is a good song regardless.  My first introduction to this group (2/3 Pheromoans members, I think) was their split 7" with the Rebel.  I think I'm a little partial to that one, though this one is not without its charm.  I guess it is a little more electro-pop, so it just took a little getting used to for me, but considering the other contemporary electro-pop bands I have been subjected to, this one is a breath of fresh air in an array of synthetic shit.
Go figure that deadpan sense of humor is here, too...would be curious to hear their cassette releases...

As you can tell, this group of guys are really on the ball, hopefully they have more side projects I haven't heard of...a true hub of post-punk brilliance.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yugoslavian Boys Vs. Girl Sweat Split LP

Up until a few months ago, I had more or less lost all hope of getting into new/younger bands (especially bands who called themselves Punk, who did not seem to have any idea what punk was about...but that's all subjective anyway), save a few of course.  Then, through Oli at Ack! Ack! Ack! I started to hear more bands from the UK underground and hell if I wasn't hearing exactly what I'd been missing in contemporary music, especially the completely worthless "scene" in my hometown.
Two bands that immediately struck a chord with me were Yugoslavian Boys and Girl Sweat, and I was very excited to see that Onec Records putting out this LP, and it does not disappoint in any way, shape or form.
As for quick descriptions of the bands (sorry but comparisons are necessary...neither of the bands are knock-offs), Yugoslavian Boys remind me of a non-theatre school Screamers: no guitar, but distorted bass, bleeping synth, big fast fast beats, and manic hollering.  When I sent a song to a friend, his first response was "I want to be in this band!" and he described them as "Devo on meth."
Girl Sweat reminds me of a swampier take on Dwarves "Horror Stories," sinister blues-ish garage punk through a wall of noise and presumably a drug/alcohol haze.  Twisted garage stomp.
Most importantly both of these bands keep their approach to music fairly simple, rough, dirty, and volatile (all big compliments in my book).  Both exude a sense of Rock n' Roll/Punk danger, not some hokey tough guy shit or posturing, but both provide a great soundtrack to go out and fuck shit up.  Punk isn't supposed to be some grandiose gesture, it's low-brow art or anti-art and reductive in nature, but through that reduction bands can tap into a much more potent vein of creativity, which to me is far more endearing.  It's also a very personal form of expression, basically just doing your own thing and not giving a fuck what other people think.  Too many bands try too hard in many ways and want so badly to be thought of as amazing or some shit, but in doing so render themselves mediocre.  These two bands stand apart (and above) by each taking a simple, direct approach and each putting their own spin on it, you know...what Punk Rock was supposed to be about in the first place, and the fact that it exists in 2012 outside of the Anarcho/crust/take everything so fucking seriously while all the bands all sound the same crowd is very comforting indeed, and like good punks, these bands don't want to make people comfortable and seem to have a damn good time doing so.
The record is limited to 100 copies, and unfortunately for you, may already be sold out...worth looking into ASAP, also comes with download code featuring 7 bonus tracks.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Periscope Breath- "Turdle-Head Blues": Uuhngreh Schpuggenuh Records #2 now available

#1 is a bit constipated for now, but whatta #2 I've got here.  30 minute cassette of queasy guitar noise background music (no delays or loops allowed)...uuh, ambient noise drunk slacker lounge?  Kaleidoscope Death side project.
Cassette comes with download code and I've got stickers coming soon, which will also be included.
Have 2 or 3 more releases in the works for the fall.  More, and more to come at:

Order at: gboronoise at yahoo dot com
$5-in person
$7- mailed in USA
Everywhere else- Contact me and I'll figure it out.
$3 download on bandcamp.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Coming Soon: Uuhngreh Schpuggenuh Records

Been thinking about it for a while, but I'm throwing caution to the wind and starting a small label.

I have 2 releases coming up:
1) Kaleidoscope Death- Normal Time (lathe cut 7")
2) Periscope Breath- Turdle-Head Blues (30 min. cassette)

There is a bandcamp page in the works, but not up and running yet.

So far it's only my own music, but hopefully that will change soon.  I will gladly listen to demos etc., but no digital copies, please.  E-mail me at gboronoise at yahoo dot com for mailing address for your tape, CD, or record.  Hopefully I'll get enough to pull off a comp. soon, hint hint...


News n' such:

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282- Live at Lounge Ax 01/14/00

I have a pretty good idea why but still have no idea why this band is still so unknown.  Way better than almost every band that got decent attention in the 90's.  
TFUL 282, whenever you do more shows, c'mon down to NC why not?

Elgin Miller
You in a Movie
Waited Too Long
Holy Ghost
Million Dollars
The Operation
Four O'Clocker 2
More Glee

and here's an entire live show from '94

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nino Rota- Casanova

Most of Fellini's films made after 8 1/2, with the exception of Amarcord, seem to get mostly unenthusiastic reviews.  Sure they are less structured, but to me that is not a negative trait at all.  I think every film he made (still haven't seen La Voce Della Luna, not an affordable copy with English subtitles to be found) is great and the ones from his less popular period definitely get better the more I watch them.
Casanova was especially under-rated and one of his most dream-like films, even though they all were, which is certainly aided by Rota's haunting score, and I will admit that after Rota's death, the music in Fellini's films was not as strong.  Though there are only a few melodies, re-done, on this album, it is no weakness.  From the almost spooky Theme to the robotic rhythms to accompany Donald Sutherland's fully body lunge humping, this is a wonderfully atmospheric record I'm having a lot of trouble removing from the turntable.

Arthur Lyman- Hawaiian Sunset Vol. II

Arthur Lyman got his start in Martin Denny's group, and after the first couple albums he took his Vibraphone and started his own group, which to me, made more dream-like albums.  Hawaiian Sunset Vol. II is a perfect example of this.  My brain feels melted after a few seconds and I only begin to somewhat snap back after the needle stops at the end of side 2...some of the most relaxing music I've ever heard.  At least with this digital file you don't have the all too difficult task of getting up to flip the record.

Martin Denny- Afro-Desia

Martin Denny takes a much different approach than the Jackie Gleason, "Aphrodisia" album posted below.  The album opens with an energetic jungle beat accompanied by the buzzing of a fly, and is followed by songs that sound like they're meant to accompany ritualistic sex, no matter how easy going (still plenty of jungle calls, too).  
A must for Denny fans, and a good starting point for virgins...Denny and company will easily have their way with you here.

Jackie Gleason- Aphrodisia

Many people may only know Jackie Gleason as a fat bus driver threatening to beat his wife on The Honeymooners, but he also made tons of albums of tender songs for the sole purpose of creating an atmosphere for romance, and he was sure great on both fronts.  Gleason also never used percussion, which makes his music that much woozier.  Instead of the usual solo trumpet, a wheezing organ takes the lead on this album which is a nice touch.  This record will turn your brain to butter whether you want to have sex with someone or not.

Anton Karas- Vienna, City of Dreams

Some of you may know Anton Karas from his intoxicating score to Carol Reed's, "The Third Man" (a re-recording of the theme is featured here).  If you know that then you'll have a good idea of what to expect here, and while the tracks featuring more instrumentation are very good, I've gotta say I prefer the solo zither tracks.  I've never been to an Austrian Wine Garden, but outdoors, wine, and music like this seems like a perfect combination.  I love music that makes drinkers feel classy, plus the zither is just a really cool sounding instrument, and Karas is an incredible performer.

Billy Boyd plus Steve Douglas and the Rebel Rousers

As you may be able to tell by the titles, these are two records put out by the Crown Records label that are very heavily influenced by Duane Eddy.  These may not be the most amazing instrumentals you've ever heard, but instrumental rock makes great background music and that is the best purpose for these records.  With plenty of twangy guitars, big beats, and wailing saxes, here's 22 tracks of obscure Rn'R you'd probably've never heard otherwise....get cool!