Friday, March 12, 2010

Country Teasers- Laziness E.P.

This is actually more of a Rebel E.P. than Country Teasers, even though "Raglan Top..." was rerecorded for "The Empire Strikes Back."
The version here has the bouncy drum machine (I usually hate drum machines, but not how The Rebel uses one), sped up vocals and lo-fi guitar that was so dominant of Rebel release around this time (2004). I heard the "Empire" version first, which is one of my favorites off that CD (why it was left off the vinyl, I have no idea) I enjoy this one equally. There's just no going wrong with a song this good. Hearing is believing, Schpuggenauts.
"Laziness" is another gem. What better excuse for not finding success, smoking hash, napping, not recording, or fixing mistakes?
Each side is rounded off by a more electronic piece. I must say I am partial to "Assfucksiation Initiated!" over many of the electronic instrumentals, and is he singing in another language on "Ahoy There"? German?
All in all this is an excellent little record.

1) Raglan Top of Lonsdale Grey
2) Assfucksiation Initiated!
3) Laziness
4) Ahoy There

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