Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Having a Good Time with Huey 'Piano' Smith & his Clowns

Many years ago I used to work in this sinking ship of record store. People who wanted to sell used vinyl had to drop it off and if they didn't come back in 30 days it became our property. Most people didn't come back. By the time I started working there the whole back room was completely filled with records and seeing how none of the other employees wanted to deal with them, I offered to go through them, especially when I found out that I could keep anything I wanted.
As you can imagine, most of it was the same terrible shit you see everywhere, some boring but expensive ones (enough to support me financially for a few months after I quit), and some real gems, like this one.
I knew nothing about it other than i loved the Sonics' cover of "Don't you just know it" and of course "Rockin' Pneumonia..."
but this soon found its place beside my beloved Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs records AKA some of the most pure, simple, light hearted, and fun rock n' roll records to help you forget whatever bullshit is bugging you at the moment. Like today, I had a SHIT day at work, came home feeling like crap, until i put this record on and found 2 Old Chub's in the fridge I forgot I had and BAM! Automatic good mood. One man party!
No nonsense rock n' roll tends to do that for me though, and this record is a classic in that style. Should get any halfway decent party, drive in the car, or night at home headed in the right direction. And like all good things, it comes to an end far too quickly.

1) Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu
2) Little Chickie Wah Wah
3) Little Liza Jane
4) Just a Lonely Clown
5) Hush Your Mouth
6) Don't You Know Yockomo
7) Havin' a Good Time
8) Don't You Just Know It
9) Well I'll Be John Brown
10) Everybody's Whalin'
11) High Blood Pressure
12) We Like Birdland


  1. Holy cow this is fantastic. Thanks so much for putting it up.

  2. So glad you like it. I still have no idea why this is so unknown...their loss, I guess.