Thursday, March 11, 2010

an E.P. by Francoise Hardy

Along with 60's French movies, I am a total sucker for 60's French pop, especially Yeh Yeh girls.
Francoise Hardy is probably my favorite. Her sultry delivery just wins out over France Gall's brattiness.
Francoise's early releases for the Vogue label rank amongst my favorites, which is why I picked this as possibly my one vinyl purchase (Yeh Yeh vinyl in pretty damn expensive).
There is a great 2xCD collection of her Vogue Years that is well worth checking out.
I personally prefer pop to be in a language I can't understand. That way I don't know how bad the lyrics may be...but I'm still curious. This way the vocalist is more or less just another instrument in the band. Just how I like it.
Pop is self explanatory.

1) Ton Meilleur Ami
2) On Se Plait
3)La Fille Avec Toi
4) Il Est Tout Pour Moi

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