Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Historie(s) de Musique (Music from the films of Jean Luc Godard)

I am a total spazz for Godard's films like I am for Ben Wallers' music. I really can't get enough of his (earlier mostly) films, most of which have great music to boot. With a roster featuring Michel Legrand, Georges Delerue, and Antoine Duhamel it's tough to go wrong.
But why is there no music out there for 'Band of Outsiders' (Bande a Part)? It seems strange seeing as it was advertised as Michel Legrand's last film score (?) and just happens to get stuck in my head quite often. IF YOU HAVE IT PLEASE SHARE.
This is a good compilation though, except for the last three songs...yeesh. And the re-recordings of Anna Karina's songs lack some of the spark of those in the films, but really are nothing to complain about.
A good place to start but leaves you wanting more (I will post more later).
If you haven't seen the movies, watch them all before you listen to this. Godard is a genius.

from 'Breathless' (A Bout de Souffle)- Martial Solal
1) La mort
2) New York Herald Tribune
3) Duo
from 'A Woman is a Woman" (Un Femme est une Femme)- Michel Legrand
4) Angela, Strasbourg Saint-Denis
5) Chanson d'Angela, par Anna Karina
from 'My Life to Live' (Vivre sa Vie)- Michel Legrand
6) Vivre sa Vie
from 'Contempt' (Le Mepris)- Georges Delerue
7) Overture
8) Camile
9) Generique
from 'Les Plus Belles Escroqueries du Monde'- Michel Legrand
10) Ballade pour un Escroc
from 'Alphaville'- Paul Misraki
11) Valse triste
12) Theme d'amour
from 'Pierrot le Fou'- Antoine Duhamel
13) Mic et Mac, par Anna Karina
14) Ferdinand
15) Pierrot
16) Ma ligne de chance, par Anna Karina
from 'Le Plus Vieux Metier du Monde'- Michel Legrand
17) Anticipation
from 'Week-End'- Antoine Duhamel
18) Elle et lui
from 'La Chinoise' - Claude Channes
19) Mao Mao
from 'Sauve qui peut (la Vie)'- Gabriel Yared
20) Le commerce
21) L'imaginaire
Bonus Track (BAD)
22) Ferdinand, par Sporto Kantes



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