Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pierre Fournier & Ernest Lush- Cello Encores

I found this going to the free shelf (AKA crap-pile) at an old used media store where I used to work and made me, finally, be able to get into some classical music.
I came to realize that I'm just not into big bombastic symphonies. I much prefer the small ensemble, like this one...just a cello and a piano. To me it is much more effective (I left off side one of the record, with its big symphony and less interesting music).
This is great for moody, sombre, introspective, and/or gloomy (not always, though) times.
Brevity also works for those who aren't sure if they like classical or not...a good place to start...or continue.



  1. glad you like it! i have since gone much further into classical music, but will always love this one…so sombre and simple