Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Rebel- Bums on a Rock

Upon hearing the great live in studio album, "Northern Rocks Bear Weird Vegetable" the song of the ones I wasn't already familiar with that stood out the most was "Bums on a Rock." A near obsession for finding the original 7" followed.
Like the rest of "Northern Rocks..." I love how different the live band recordings are from the solo home recordings. Each works in its own way and has its own charm, which work for us obsessive Wallers fans, giving us two versions of these wonderful songs to compare, contrast, and have more to listen to endlessly.
The title track is a Wallers classic. I could go on and on about it, but will let you find out for yourselves. Fans of the halfway between guitar driven and electronic Wallers will be in heaven here. Songs like this one deserve to be massive global singles, but I guess the world just ain't ready yet...they never seemed quite bright enough to realize Ben's brand of genius.
"Yellow Boy Game" and "Nurse, Nurse, Nurse" venture more into the electronic, Game Boy tracks that seem to annoy Country Teasers fans to no end, but these tracks are a good place for those types to open their minds and still hear the same music through a different medium, aided by these tracks' brevity and melodic leanings.
"Black Policeman" sounds, musically, very similar to "The Idiot" (on "Idiots V. Spastics" also on this blog) and is a new personal favorite. Dig the sax solo. I could (and do) listen to music like this all day.
"Brite Yn's Cnut" is one of the instrumental electronic pieces I'm not quite as into. Not that it's bad, it's just not as strong as the rest of this fantastic 7".

1) Bums on a Rock
2) Yellow Boy Game
3) Nurse. Nurse, Nurse
4) Black Policeman
5) Brite Yn's Cnut

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