Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Rebel- Live Aids

This 7" was recorded live by Ben and Sophie (w/ some overdubs) and launched the label Kanker Mongool with the all too limited pressing of 350.
I love Sophie's drumming. Few drummers can back away and add something as creative as she does. Ben mostly sticks to keyboard, but in a more subtle way than many of his other electronic experimental-video-game-musicy pieces. "You're Just Like Tammy Wynette" is not too drastically different from the "Northern Rocks..." version (nothing wrong there) and stands out as the most immediate song on the record. Worth the price of admission alone. Just give the other ones some time...they'll grow om you like crazy.

1) In My Wallet
2) You're Just Like Tammy Wynette
3) Sweet Little Eyes
4) Knapsack
5) Beware Nicole Intro

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