Monday, March 15, 2010

Teengenerate- Get Action!

Why this is not considered a punk rock classic is beyond me. Is it too rock? Too lo-fi? Too straight ahead? Americans don't like it when they can't understand the lyrics?
If you think any of those I would venture to guess that you don't like (early) punk rock and/or you take yourself and your ideas about what is "punk" far too seriously.
They remind me of the Saints (and they were obsessed with early Australian punk) and the Dead Boys...if you sped their records up and added plenty of distortion to the whole thing.
Full fucking throttle.
They included a cover of the Pagans "Six and Change" only on the LP, which I am including separately (sequenced between "Human Tornado" and "Plastic Man"). FYI the LP is still available from Crypt Germany (along with many other great records).
If you don't enjoy this, I feel sorry for you.

Get Action! (CD)

Six and Change


  1. Crypt was always doing that "bonus song on LP" shit. They did it with the Gories, the Devil Dogs, New Bomb Turks, and probably others I can't remember.

    When I upgraded to digital, it drove me crazy that I couldn't find the Gories' cover of "Stormy" that I KNEW existed somewhere....

  2. that kind of thing can drive a completist insane...if i had it i'd post, but almost all crypt lps are still in print (in Germany).