Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Male Nurse- "G-D-R/I'm a Man"

I came to know the Male Nurse through the Country Teasers (front-man Ben Wallers, Alan Crichton, once in CT and subject of the song, "Deaths," and one time CT and Yummy Fur drummer, Lawrence Worthington were all in the Male Nurse). In a perfect world they would've been a supergroup, and not a band hardly known for a novelty-ish single, "My Own Private Patrick Swayze," not that that single is anything to sneeze at...
Not surprising for a band with members of the Country Teasers and the Yummy Fur, the easiest band to compare them to is the Fall, but more than the others, the Male Nurse stick to the law of repetition, and unlike the Fall, in the vocals as well as the music. The vocals are slurred and unintelligible but that's how I like it. The voice is just another instrument in the band. If you like the riff once, I hope you like it the next however many times.
The recording quality of the Male Nurse took me by's so clean, but not in a bad way.
A great single through and through, but I still find myself more drawn to the B side.
If any of you have their 2 Peel Session PLEASE share them...I've only heard three tracks and want...errrrrr>need the rest.

1) G-D-R
2) I'm a Man

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  1. This is a real treat. Thank you for yr work.