Thursday, March 25, 2010

Teengenerate- Savage

This record was the first time, as an impressionable kid of 16 (1994? '95?), Teengenerate made my jaw hit the floor. I had never heard anything recorded so LOUD. It made me have to go fucking nuts. Still does, too.
Teengenerate were always a perfect amped up, blown out mix of early punk, garage rock, and '50's greaser R'N'R. No pretension ANYwhere, and if you think you hear any at all, you're obviously an asshole.
This does make me feel like an old man, though. Every time I listen to this album I wind up yelling something like, "Kids these days don't know SHIT about fucking rock n' roll! How can they think it's boring? What the fuck, their music is the most boring shit I've ever heard! They could never understand how fucking amazing this band is! FUCK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS! We're all fucking doomed to their bullshit! I need another beer..." etc.
If you don't get it you've just gotta move...and keep turning it UP.

Here is:
FINK (lead vox, guitar, got talent to write so-so songs)
SAMMY (bass, Beatlemania sucker)
FIFI (guitar, vox, drunk, fool)
SHOE (drums, fucker, maximum party lover)


  1. Do you have Teengenerate playing Chuck Berry's Baby Doll?

  2. yes, i do, from the CD, "Audio Recording." I'll post it right away.