Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Dead C-Stealth/The Factory (Sub Pop SinGles Club)

Calling The Dead C a singles band is pretty dang laughable, which makes me wonder what members of the Sub Pop Singles Club thought when they got this little doozie in the mail. My guess is that they didn't get it, seeing how it is relatively cheap on ebay and I have seen it in a few used bins for even less. That's understandable too. If I were into the bland bands on Sub Pop and was expecting a "single" and got this 7" out of nowhere, I would be confused as hell if not disappointed. Calling the Dead C anti-commercial is a gross understatement, which is a large part of why I love them so much and why most other "indie-rockers" (where is the rock or independence in that just barely under mainstream genre?) turn their noses up at the noble kiwis.
Even being a big fan of the Dead C, this one took a few listens to sink in, as many of their song-structure abandoning pieces do. Maybe the brevity, minimalism, and overall wobbliness of this little record have more of an immediate appeal to me in comparison to their album length sound pieces (which just take a little more time and/or distraction).
Maybe not the best place to start for Dead C virgins (try "the White House," "Harsh 70's Reality," or "Trap Door Fucking Exit" or even their latest "Secret Earth"), unless you're a fan of minimal feedbacky noise, but a nice find for enthusiasts.

1) Stealth
2) the Factory


  1. TONS...more than i have the patience to upload

  2. heh!

    i have quite a bit (only in file format).
    the only thing i own on mcd is the 2-disc erudite set.

    i noticed something interesting:
    i was listening to 'helen said this' on 'trapdoor fucking exit', and at the 5min mark they use a sample of ice-t's track 'colors' from the film of the same name! :)

    check here first ten seconds: