Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jon Wayne- Texas Funeral

This was given to me by an old co-worker I used to trade music with after I had put something by the Country Teasers on a mix. The similarities are fairly obvious, even though this is quite unique from the Country Teasers [I swear Ben (in homage?) throws in several Jon Waynish "YEP!"'s on 'Satan is Real Again'].
Jon Wayne is all American, for better or worse. They are obviously drunk, don't know how to tune instruments, have a rare sense of humor/intolerance. In other words, this is a great, lost classic. Gets better with every listen. Yep!
The slighty more competent King Uszniewicz of country music? Legendary Stardust Cowboy toned down by too much whiskey?
No use telling you the jokes here, no matter how bad (good) they are.
Sometimes dumb seems much smarter...

1) But I've Got Texas
2) Texas Funeral
3) Mr. Egyptian
4) Texas Cyclone
5) Texas Jailcell
6) Workin' Man Blues
7) Shades
8) Texas Wine
9) Is That Justice
10) Texas Polka
11) You & the Kitten
12) Apple Schnapps
13) Truckin'
14) One Hundred & Fifty-One Owl Caricatures
15) Texas Studio



  1. Here's another one that looks to be great that needs re-upping. Thanks.

  2. Many thanks for your great taste - don't you go diggy die now!

  3. hey! is u got the second lp? somethung about a jigger? cany find it

  4. I talk with a sardonic drawl cause of these fellers herein. Super neato stuff if in ur in the know.