Saturday, April 3, 2010

Amnesiac Godz/Country Teasers split 7"

This record, released by Guided Missile in 1999, features three people getting away from the current line-ups of their bands. Amnesiac Godz (2/3 Sebadoh-Jason Loewenstein and Russ Pollard) and Country Teasers, which is just Ben Wallers by himself (The Rebel), both take any pressures off for a mutually loose, enjoyable E.P.
Amnesiac Godz seems almost like primal scream (being away from Lou Barlow?). While not sounding much like early Sebadoh, the songs have the same loose, lo-fi lack of seriousness as the records up to "III," even though neither Loewenstein nor Pollard were original members. And it is SO much better than later Sebadoh especially due to Barlow's absence. A.G. vocals are silly, hardly structured, and not remotely sensitive, which is far more the way I like it. Quite simply, it "rocks" more than Sebadoh.
The Country Teasers' side features two early, home recorded versions of "Hairy Wine" and "Reynard The Fox," both of which were re-recorded on, the Country Teasers most "pristine" (in recording quality, that is) album, "Destroy All Human Life," also released in 1999.
Though a great album,"Destroy All Human Life," is probably (if such a term could apply) their weakest album, but not due to the song writing rather the more polished production and more subdued performances. Hearing the same songs on this EP and C.T.'s live album brings out the differences in the intensity of each performance.
I think I prefer the version of "Hairy Wine" on this 7," and I can't make up my mind about "Reynard The Fox." I like each one for different reasons. These versions are more immediate, bouncy, and lo-fi.
But why pick favorites? It's all part of the greatest catalog of song, that of Ben Wallers.

1) Amnesiac Godz- Mournful Oatmeal
2) Amnesiac Godz- Ghost In The Practice Space on Grammy Eve"
3) Country Teasers- Hairy Wine
4) Country Teasers- Reynard The Fox

also from "Destroy All Human Life"...