Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts: Panty Raid

Gotta easily be the best band to ever come from Chapel Hill, NC.  As a native North Carolinian I've never understood why that town was supposed to be so cool...cool stuff comes there sometimes, at least.
Instead of bland pretentious indie-rock you get basic pounded out R&B with "risqué" lyrics and jokes, and recorded every album live, in varying stages of undress, for a more party-like atmosphere...a very nice touch. Plus they had their own label, Gross Records.
And yes, it's really dumb, but dumb is always way more fun than smart.
In the early '60's they got a taste of fame touring the southern US college circuit, mostly frat-houses and are said to be the inspiration for Otis Day and the Knights in Animal House.
Dumb raunchy party rock, yep!

(There are no song titles anywhere on the jacket or record, but some guesses are "Let Me Pet Your Pretty Pussy," "Milk the Cow," "The Bearded Clam," etc.  )

Side One:

Side Two:

and a song that's not on this LP:


  1. Classic album, classic album title, classic band. You don't happen to have a copy of Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts "Freak Out" Lp do you?
    Its got my fav Hot nuts track "She Had Hair" on it.

  2. Unfortunately not...I wish. I just lucked out by finding this one in great shape AND inexpensive. IF I ever do, I will definitely post it. THanks!

  3. Well,keep searching, and if i find one i'll be sure to let you know.....;and if there's anyone out there etc?
    ps, like your blog and your wide spectrum of musical taste.

  4. Is a spectrum like a cross between a autoharp and a speculum?
    Anyway, hot nuts is still in style... and now Chapel Hill has it's own beers and all.
    Thank god MediaFire is still pumping out downloads, unlike so many of all the rest of the downloaders...
    Thanks for all the time and grate music, dude!

  5. Could you repost? Mediafire has deleted it and you know how hard it is to find this out-of-print classic.