Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Teengenerate- Audio Recording

Recorded in Seattle during the height of the Grunge boom ('93), and featuring their original drummer, Suck, this album shows a band finding their grounding and refining their sound. Don't get me wrong, like all Teengenerate releases this is great full throttle punk rock n' roll. 6 of the 11 tracks are covers, but the promise that is realized on "Savage" and "Get Action" (both on this blog) is evident here.

1) Wild Weekend (the Zeros)
2) Shake a Tail Feather (Andre Williams)
3) I Don't Mind
4) She's a Dumb
5) Don't Come Close to Me
6) Midnight To Six Man (the Pretty Things)
7) Baby Doll (Chuck Berry)
8) White Talk
9) The American Blues
10) Dirty Robber (the Wailers)
11) Burn My Eye (Radio Birdman)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Dead C- The Operation of the Sonne

Released in the same year (1995) as their classic, "The White House" and the top notch live album "Trapdoor Fucking Exit" (somewhere on this blog) by Siltbreeze in a limited run, it seems to fit right in between those two, flowing between lo-fi noisescapes and detuned improv. "rock."
Three tracks in 48 minutes, but all three work like one feedbacky mass of homemade (?) slacker kraut influenced deceivingly simple sounding noise rock.
Too bad it was such a limited pressing...

The Breeders- Live 06/07/94 Metro Club, Chicago

This has MUCH better sound quality than the live Amps post below, must have been a soundboard recording. And another great performance (Last Splash era) by a band in top, if tipsy, form. Off kilter pop just doesn't get much better. One of the better live Breeders recordings I've heard...a must for fans.

1) SOS
2) New Year
3) Hellbound
4) When I Was a Painter
5) No Aloha
6) Flipside
7) Never Call Home
8) Iris
9) Lord of the Thighs (Aerosmith)
10) Fortunately Gone
11) Cannonball
12) Invisible Man
13) Roi
14) Hag
15) Divine Hammer
16) Safari
17) (Lime House) Saints
18) Doe

The Amps- Live in Hoboken, NJ 1995 07-01

The sound quality here may be less than spectacular but the performance definitely makes up for it. I still don't understand why the Amps aren't more well known, seeing the Breeders popularity...many people don't even know about their one amazing album. Maybe too direct...not quirky enough? No problem what-so-ever for me. No matter what the direction, Kim Deal writes some of the best songs on the market. Great, great stuff.

1) Pacer
2) Breaking the Split Screen Barrier
3) She's a Girl
4) Empty Glasses
5) Hoverin'
6) Bragging Party
7) Full on Idle

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Black Star & Lucky Star Music Clubs- Nyota

A collection of Taarab (Swahili wedding music...but don't let that turn you off) recording from a revolving cast of Tanzanian musicians from '69-'76, but sounds like an album by the same band from one session (all recording amazingly done with only one microphone).
I love the sound of cheap instruments...
Keeps energetic, but never goes over the top...good porch music in the sweltering heat.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Charlie Chaplin- Modern Times

I'm one of those people who believe that Charlie Chaplin was a true genius in every aspect of his work...performance, direction, writing, composing, etc. The words "pure" and "universal" are used so often to describe his work that if you are unfamiliar with it, such praise may be hard to take seriously. If you're looking at this I assume you're already a Chaplin fan and know just how great it all really is along with how much of a true artist a poor little clown can be...but if not, go see all of his feature films, as many shorts as you can, read his autobiography and listen to his music...
The first side is predominately pieces to demonstrate the inhuman (mechanical) nature of factory work, a more playful version of the vision in "Metropolis" with all the workers being sacrificed to the machine. Not surprisingly this movie accelerated what would eventually lead to Chaplin being labeled, and scrutinized, as a Communist by the U.S. government and his eventual exile.
Enough of that...this music is great, this movie is great, as are all of Chaplin's movies and music.
Oddly, his "Nonsense Song" (the first time he'd ever spoken in one of his films, 9 years after the advent of Talkies) is not is best to see him performing it, though...along with everything else he ever did.

3 7"s from the Mummies

I was lucky enough to get all three of these for free many years ago working in a record store. I came in and my co-worker said there were some free records. He didn't know what they were, wouldn't take them, but the guy left them there anyway...3 Mummies 7"s, a Germs CD (to back up my worn out cassette), and some Rip Off Records 7"s. Lucky me.
Needless to say, free Mummies 7"s are not going to be in the best condition (you will hear a few pops and there is one skip). I guess fans treat the records with the same delicacy as the Mummies treat their songs...

The Mummies had the best liner notes of anyone. Click on the picture of the back cover to read.
No song over 2 need for more.

"Food, Sickles, and Girls" deserves a place on the same high alter shared by "Louie, Louie" and "Wooly Bully" as one of the most fun inducing rock n' roll A-Sides ever.
The back record picture is blurry. If it's illegible it tells you, in detail, how to steal it from the record store.

Early stuff...funny stuff. Timelessly funny cover, certificate, performance, level of stupidity...the "Runnin' On Empty" (both volumes a few posts down) liner notes were right, they were more like a Vaudeville act.