Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lee Hazlewood- I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

Another great, hard to come by, album from Lee's time in Sweden. Has a song from "13" and one from "Requiem For An Almost Lady" and more in that vein. As you can guess, it's a damn good listen.

1) Lone Ranger Ain't My Friend Anymore
2) She Comes Running
3) Stone Lost Child
4) I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (featuring Ann-Kristin Hedmark
5) Urge For Going
6) Taxi
7) Paris Song
8) A Better Place To Be


Alan Country Davidson Against Country Teasers

Made in a rival between ACD (Wallers) and Country Teasers (click on the pictures of the sleeve to read more, which I highly recommend) this is yet another top notch 7" from Wallers and occasional company.
If you have "Science Hat..." (vinyl especially) you'll already know most of these songs. "After One Thing" and "Henry Krinkle's Theme" were taken from the "Pastoral-Not Rustic" sessions and the rest are from ACD tapes from '94-'96.
Great stuff.

1) After One Thing
2) Bryson's The Baker
3) Small Shark In Tiny Pool
4) Adam Wakes Up
5) Kenny Malcolm On Smack Left Prettiest Slave On The Right
6) Henry Krinkle's Theme