Monday, October 13, 2014


  Straight from Groningen, Netherlands comes the debut cassette from HUN BED.  You may remember them from  "Contemporary Music Primer," but the recording quality here has definitely improved (not that I have a problem with lo-fi), adding extra punch while losing none of the raw authenticity…full of tension and release with no need for a bass player (the twin guitar assault of groups like The Dead C and The Cramps have left me with a fondness for this approach).  There is a sense of immediacy and the perfect amount of looseness that keep these songs sounding fresh and timeless.
This is punk the way it should be, it doesn't conform to any specific or established sound or look, they just burn through these songs with a feverish intensity, healthy disdain for professionalism, and do it in their own damn way…you know, what punk was supposed to be about all along.
Unfortunately I don't understand a word of Dutch, but that has absolutely no affect on my enjoyment of their music…and extra credit to them for not pandering to English speakers.
  This tape gets better and better with every listen and this US edition is limited to only 25 copies, so act fast!