Friday, April 30, 2010

The Fendermen- Mule Skinner Blues/Torture

The Fendermen were two guys with the exact same birthday in Wisconsin and who both played Fender Guitars through one amp.
"Mule Skinner Blues" is classic RNR, it's just that simple.
"Torture" is an instrumental number and falls a little flat due to the lack of a rhythm section. Not a bad song at all, though.

Cha Cha Cha!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Country Teasers- LP Bonus Tracks for Science Hat Artistic Cube Moral Nosebleed Empire

I probably don't have to tell you how great the 19 tracks left off the CD version are...right? right!

1) I Get Hard
2) Kill!
3) Thank God I'm Gone
4) Let's Have A Shambles
5) So Lonely
6) Tights
7) Go Down Mighty Devil
8) Kenny Malcolm On Smack
9) Good Pair Of Hands
10) Demon Eyes
11) Trendy Mick Fleetwood's Fast Tail
12) Son Of Treble Faced Man
14) Julie Halard
15) Only A Woman
16) Sickening Lack
17) Prettiest Slave On The Barge
18) Full Shark Tiny Pool
19) Prettiest Slave On The Barge (Reprise)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Guided By Voices- Sunfish Holy Breakfast

I find it strange that this E.P. was made of out-takes from "Under the Bushes Under the Stars." To me, "Sunfish Holy Breakfast" is vastly superior to that album which I see as the beginning of the end of GBV, where they gave up making more interesting music for themselves and thought they were rock stars that had to please a larger, more fickle, audience. This E.P. also benefits from a more lo-fi production...GBV just never sounded right on studio recordings to me, and "Cocksoldiers and Their Postwar Stubble" was produced by Dayton, Ohio's other lo-fi wonder, Kim Deal. Plus "Jabberstroker" ranks way up there in my GBV favorites.
If you prefer the early, lo fi, experimental over professional rock songs, this E.P. can represent the swan song for the old GBV where the music still had that extra something special that made so many people start paying attention to them in the first place.
And yes, one of the naked hippies on the front is Robert Pollard.
How many beers can you drink in under 23 minutes?

Boby Lapointe- Comprend Qui Peut (original album)

I posted a Boby Lapointe "Best of" album, which has the exact same title, last month. This is the original 12 song album. Write up and 2 youtube videos there.
Only a few repeated songs, which there is nothing wrong with...

what the more

Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs- Li'l Red Riding Hood

These guys complete and total lack of seriousness never loses its charm. Too bad it's not seen in bands these days.
These guys were the Ramones of the 60's. Almost every song sounded exactly the same and they were one of the few bands who could pull it off. Even if a lot of songs are based on nursery rhymes. If you take it seriously, you may not enjoy don't!
If you've heard "Li'l Red Riding Hood" or "Wooly Bully," you know what to expect...great times and silly tunes.

1) Li'l Red Riding Hood
2) Hanky Panky
3) Deputy Dog
4) Green'ich Grendel
5) Mary is my Little Lamb
6) Sweet Talk
7) El Toro De Goro (The Peace Loving Bull)
8) The Phantom
9) Little Miss Muffet
10) Pharaoh-A-Go-Go
11) Ring Them Bells
12) Grasshopper

and also the single with a non-LP B-side, "Love Me Like Before."
Great stuff.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Maurice Jarre - The Tin Drum (Die Blechtrommel)

If I had to pick a favorite book and author it would be "The Tin Drum" and Gunter Grass. I saw the movie after reading the book and had no idea how it could be done, but I never expect a movie to live up to the book anyways.
But the movie is great and as good as it could've been, I think.
Some of the music is pretty cheesy and a lot of it is really good.

1) Read the book
2) See the movie
3) Listen to this...

Amnesiac Godz/Country Teasers split 7"

This record, released by Guided Missile in 1999, features three people getting away from the current line-ups of their bands. Amnesiac Godz (2/3 Sebadoh-Jason Loewenstein and Russ Pollard) and Country Teasers, which is just Ben Wallers by himself (The Rebel), both take any pressures off for a mutually loose, enjoyable E.P.
Amnesiac Godz seems almost like primal scream (being away from Lou Barlow?). While not sounding much like early Sebadoh, the songs have the same loose, lo-fi lack of seriousness as the records up to "III," even though neither Loewenstein nor Pollard were original members. And it is SO much better than later Sebadoh especially due to Barlow's absence. A.G. vocals are silly, hardly structured, and not remotely sensitive, which is far more the way I like it. Quite simply, it "rocks" more than Sebadoh.
The Country Teasers' side features two early, home recorded versions of "Hairy Wine" and "Reynard The Fox," both of which were re-recorded on, the Country Teasers most "pristine" (in recording quality, that is) album, "Destroy All Human Life," also released in 1999.
Though a great album,"Destroy All Human Life," is probably (if such a term could apply) their weakest album, but not due to the song writing rather the more polished production and more subdued performances. Hearing the same songs on this EP and C.T.'s live album brings out the differences in the intensity of each performance.
I think I prefer the version of "Hairy Wine" on this 7," and I can't make up my mind about "Reynard The Fox." I like each one for different reasons. These versions are more immediate, bouncy, and lo-fi.
But why pick favorites? It's all part of the greatest catalog of song, that of Ben Wallers.

1) Amnesiac Godz- Mournful Oatmeal
2) Amnesiac Godz- Ghost In The Practice Space on Grammy Eve"
3) Country Teasers- Hairy Wine
4) Country Teasers- Reynard The Fox

also from "Destroy All Human Life"...