Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kaleidoscope Death- RestOfTheDrumTracks/ DeadDrum

USR #5 (Staton Embassy Cassette) is a bit delayed (but not for much longer!), so USR #6 bumps ahead!
The latest from Kaleidoscope Death is almost more like two E.P.s than one album.
KD tends to record drum tracks in bulk due to lack of drum set or rehearsal space, so side one ("RestOfTheDrumTracks") uses the remaining tracks after the Normal Time EP, split with Ivan the Tolerable, and various compilation exclusives.  Go figure the longer and slower ones were saved for last, but this allowed KD to continue on the path of constant experimentation, while staying somewhat the same.
"DeadDrum" is drum-less by default, though a few tracks use percussion from an old keyboard.

30 minute cassette with download code, lyric sheet, and random stuffings
Limited to only 25 copies!