Monday, June 30, 2014


Periscope Breath's 5th tape in the past two years is now finished!
There were no records used to further fuck things up this time and the result is as "focused" as PB has been to date.  "Last Ditch Exit Strategy" was just too damn long, so this one returns to the previous 30 minute running time.
PB continues with detuned guitar ramblings, squealing/buzzing synth, bass on one track, even some vocals and mic noise.  I hope fans of the Dead C will find something to enjoy here (not that this sounds like them, but it could be said to be in a somewhat similar vein).
Limited to only 10 cassettes.  Free downloads.

Friday, June 13, 2014

USR #8: SUMMER CAMP CASANOVA- Little Pieces of Big Things

The label's next release continues on with the new digital release program, but seeing how Bandcamp now makes bands pay for free downloads, and the very obvious fact that money helps labels exist, all downloads in this series now cost a whopping $1.
"Little Pieces of Big Things," goes from banged out experimental indie, to nuanced instrumental, scuzzy detuned rumbling guitar, humor, criticism, and whatever else all in under a half hour.  This was Erik's 3rd CD as Summer Camp Casanova and, as far as I know, his last album (??).  Previous CDs had been done solo, but the addition of a full band (members of Blank_Blank, Secret Message Machine, and Casual/Curious) packed an added punch.  The band started to get some local attention, and promptly fizzled out and a few months later Erik moved to California.
In addition I have added their live set from the "LPOBT" release show and an instrumental piece that Erik and I did back in 2006, just to have a back up why not.
More to come!!