Saturday, May 17, 2014

USR #7: POODLESTICK: Reasonable People- Deluxe Edition

USR #7 is the first in what will hopefully be a series of free DIY digital reissues…for those odd groups that never made it far enough to even be able to fall through the cracks.

Poodlestick was a short lived experimental instrumental duo from Greensboro, NC.  Members Michael and Erik met as neighbors in crumbling apartment buildings on Wilson St., and discovering they had similar tastes in music, started playing music together.  Their first recordings were released under the name Blank_Blank, but more neighbors (Sarah and Dana) joined up to fill out the line-up, and a new band was born.  Therefore, Michael and Erik continued their more experimental, yet musical recordings as Poodlestick, who played a handful of gigs and released their only CDr album in 2005.

Around this time they made the acquaintance of another Greensburling experimental then-instrumental odd-ball Chuck, whose first recordings as Kaleidoscope Death were in a similar vein, and for the next 4 years they continued to make noisy experimental music as Mystery Pill.
Then in 2008 Poodlestick all too briefly reunited, performing one infamous show and recording one 10 minute experimental piece.

Unfortunately, instrumental music seems doomed to extinction, so for those of you who like music in the back ground, more for mood, etc…this doozie's for you.

This Deluxe Edition contains the album REASONABLE PEOPLE, a live on College Radio performance (Summer, 2005), and the one reunion recording, UP IN THAT JUNK.

The solo projects of Poodlestick members were also included on UUHNGREH SCHPUGGENUH'S CONTEMPORARY MUSIC PRIMER….Secret Message Machine (Michael) and Summer Camp Casanova (Erik).  Check back for more reissues from those 2 groups.