Friday, April 22, 2011

Secret Message Machine- Orphanville (LP)

Orphanville is more pop driven than previous Secret Message Machine albums, well, unpredictable beat driven noise-ish pop. Lo-fi Hi-fi. It's original, obscure yet oddly accessible, but light and rhythmic. Give it a few listens, it gets under your skin before you know it.
One thing I find interesting in the LP is that the noise comes up, but the vocals seem a bit quiet at times, compared to the CD, which you can download at if you want to compare, and/or you could buy one of the remaining 100 vinyl copies.
Play this fucker LOUD.
Why post a CD recording of the vinyl instead of the actual CD? Hopefully someday people will be trying to hunt this vinyl down, and this will show them some of what they're missing. Suckers.

Nino Rota- Amarcord

I think Nino Rota's music combined with Fellini's films is probably the best paring in the medium. I assume you're already familiar with the film and the music seeing as you searched for it, but if not this is a wonderfully breezy nostalgic score to embellished memories through the eye of the beholder. Great, great stuff. Always see the movie first, though.

Elly Ellason with Rhythm- Piano Italian Pops

Sounds kind of like music Woody Allen could have used for a movie set in Italy (?). Minimal, breezy, and every track runs straight into the next, so I didn't separate the tracks on each sides. Easy listening records are best listened to without getting up or not to break the mood.
Makes you feel classy when you're drunk, just like the title sounds.

Ambrose Thibodeaux- Authentic French Acadian Music

Southern U.S. folk mixed with French folk always seemed like an odd combination to me, but at least this record is far lazier than zydeco. Accordion, triangle, guitar, fiddle, and occasional vocals
Good record for being lazy in the heat.
My favorite is when the tone deaf triangle playing daughter sings one.
This record is flimsy as hell, wobbles when you pick it up.

Liner Notes:

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Legendary Stardust Cowboy- Retro Rocket Back to Earth/Rides Again

The Ledge's music just gets better and better the more you listen to it, and I've been listening to it non-stop lately and recommend you do too. You'll thank me later.

David Bowie on the Ledge:

(I'll take the Ledge over Bowie ANY DAY)

The Ledge on Ricardo Montalban:

Michael Gordon-Decasia

Decasia is a movie made of old nitrate film in varying stages of decay. Like black and white psychedelia. The deterioration gives the images a whole new life and rhythm.
It wouldn't be anywhere near as powerful without Michael Gordon's compositions, which can at times remind me of Steve Reich, Philip Glass, and/or Glenn Branca.
Terrifying to some, beautiful to others.