Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Fall- Live @ The Keystone, Berkeley, California: 10th July 1981

Another great show from the 1981 U.S. tour (nothing here on "A Part Of America Therein, 1981"). I don't like Berkeley, and it seems like such an unlikely place for the Fall to play. I hope a lot of those fuckers were squirming, and they probably were, because the Fall are in very fine form here.
Great set, bass is too quiet, though. Leave it to some dipshit soundman from Berkeley to turn Steve Hanley down.

1) Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul
2) An Older Lover
3) Totally Wired
4) The N.W.R.A.
5) Fit And Working Again
6) Hip Priest
7) New Face In Hell
8) Prole Art Threat
9) Container Drivers
10) No Xmas For John Quays


The Fall- Slippy Floor

1) Slippy Floor (Mark Mix): trimmed, leaner, and a bit more zip than the perfectly fine album version
2) Hot Cake-Part 2: great Slippy Floor extension into "Hot Cake"
3) Strangetown (Live at Camden Crawl): long intro, Mark enters later to big applause into rough and loose live take, yes.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Fall- C.R.E.E.P. Show Bootleg

Lifted this from the blog, Symphony Of Ghosts (http://symphonyofghosts.blogspot.com/search/label/Fall)
Live in Munich April 4, 1984, sound is a bit quiet, but very good overall, great energetic performance,and check out that set list...
If (when) you enjoy this, I highly recommend the "Live at the Hacienda" DVD which has 4 sets, one around "Perverted By Language," two around "Wonderful and Frightening World," and one around "This Nation's Saving Grace." Plus the omnibus editions of "Wonderful..." and "This Nation..." are totally worth picking up, a must for any rabid Fall fan. There's never enough Fall...

1) Lay Of The Land
2) Ludd Gang
3) Kicker Conspiracy
4) Smile
5) 2x4
6) C.R.E.E.P.
7) Neighborhood Of Infinity
8) Copped It
9) Garden


The Fall- Austerbaejarbio

Live in Iceland, May 06, 1983 on the way back from a U.S. tour around the time of "Perverted By Language."
Great set-list, great performance, good recording, also features the 12+ minute unreleased, "Backdrop."
I can never get enough of the Fall, and it seems each song was never really played the exact same way twice, which makes mixing in live albums more appealing than just listening to the albums over and over (even though I have no problem with that) and bootlegs of this quality are always appreciated.

1) Tempo House
2) The Classical
3) Eat Y'Self Fitter
4) Hexen Definitive
5) I Feel Voxish
6) The Man Whose Head Expanded
7) Garden
8) Kicker Conspiracy
9) Look, Know
10) Backdrop


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Clara Rockmore- Theremin

Big thanks to my friend Mark for loaning me this record. As the owner of a Theremin, I've never been able to produce any better than a bunch of shitty, squealing sci-fi noise...at best the sound of a flying saucer landing in a 50's B-movie. If the aliens were classically trained in whatever their equivalent was to a violin, and they made a record with an Earth pianist, it might sound like this.
Rather than blather on, I urge you to watch the videos posted below to see how oddly hypnotic Clara Rockmore is.
A note on the recording: there is some serious dynamic range going on here, near inaudible to red-lining in no time. Just play loud. I'm assuming your neighbors already think you're weird anyway.


Nino Rota- La Dolce Vita

I've tried not to go on too much about the genius of the meeting of the minds of Fellini and Rota, and will spare you here. I'm also assuming you've seen the movie and that's why you looked for this.
Great stuff. This movie has always had one of two polar effects on me; it makes me either want to start going out all the time, or lock the doors and never leave the house. The music is also either a great warm up, or follow up, to a night out or an ideal soundtrack for a solitary party.
There are several songs in each track, which is rough if you're searching for a particular tune. However, like all good records, it's best listened to from start to finish, even if you have to endure "Jingle Bells," but seeing as it's summer when I write this, it adds a bit of humor to the shitty heat.


one of my favorite scenes