Friday, July 20, 2012

Coming Soon: Uuhngreh Schpuggenuh Records

Been thinking about it for a while, but I'm throwing caution to the wind and starting a small label.

I have 2 releases coming up:
1) Kaleidoscope Death- Normal Time (lathe cut 7")
2) Periscope Breath- Turdle-Head Blues (30 min. cassette)

There is a bandcamp page in the works, but not up and running yet.

So far it's only my own music, but hopefully that will change soon.  I will gladly listen to demos etc., but no digital copies, please.  E-mail me at gboronoise at yahoo dot com for mailing address for your tape, CD, or record.  Hopefully I'll get enough to pull off a comp. soon, hint hint...


News n' such:

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282- Live at Lounge Ax 01/14/00

I have a pretty good idea why but still have no idea why this band is still so unknown.  Way better than almost every band that got decent attention in the 90's.  
TFUL 282, whenever you do more shows, c'mon down to NC why not?

Elgin Miller
You in a Movie
Waited Too Long
Holy Ghost
Million Dollars
The Operation
Four O'Clocker 2
More Glee

and here's an entire live show from '94

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nino Rota- Casanova

Most of Fellini's films made after 8 1/2, with the exception of Amarcord, seem to get mostly unenthusiastic reviews.  Sure they are less structured, but to me that is not a negative trait at all.  I think every film he made (still haven't seen La Voce Della Luna, not an affordable copy with English subtitles to be found) is great and the ones from his less popular period definitely get better the more I watch them.
Casanova was especially under-rated and one of his most dream-like films, even though they all were, which is certainly aided by Rota's haunting score, and I will admit that after Rota's death, the music in Fellini's films was not as strong.  Though there are only a few melodies, re-done, on this album, it is no weakness.  From the almost spooky Theme to the robotic rhythms to accompany Donald Sutherland's fully body lunge humping, this is a wonderfully atmospheric record I'm having a lot of trouble removing from the turntable.

Arthur Lyman- Hawaiian Sunset Vol. II

Arthur Lyman got his start in Martin Denny's group, and after the first couple albums he took his Vibraphone and started his own group, which to me, made more dream-like albums.  Hawaiian Sunset Vol. II is a perfect example of this.  My brain feels melted after a few seconds and I only begin to somewhat snap back after the needle stops at the end of side 2...some of the most relaxing music I've ever heard.  At least with this digital file you don't have the all too difficult task of getting up to flip the record.

Martin Denny- Afro-Desia

Martin Denny takes a much different approach than the Jackie Gleason, "Aphrodisia" album posted below.  The album opens with an energetic jungle beat accompanied by the buzzing of a fly, and is followed by songs that sound like they're meant to accompany ritualistic sex, no matter how easy going (still plenty of jungle calls, too).  
A must for Denny fans, and a good starting point for virgins...Denny and company will easily have their way with you here.

Jackie Gleason- Aphrodisia

Many people may only know Jackie Gleason as a fat bus driver threatening to beat his wife on The Honeymooners, but he also made tons of albums of tender songs for the sole purpose of creating an atmosphere for romance, and he was sure great on both fronts.  Gleason also never used percussion, which makes his music that much woozier.  Instead of the usual solo trumpet, a wheezing organ takes the lead on this album which is a nice touch.  This record will turn your brain to butter whether you want to have sex with someone or not.

Anton Karas- Vienna, City of Dreams

Some of you may know Anton Karas from his intoxicating score to Carol Reed's, "The Third Man" (a re-recording of the theme is featured here).  If you know that then you'll have a good idea of what to expect here, and while the tracks featuring more instrumentation are very good, I've gotta say I prefer the solo zither tracks.  I've never been to an Austrian Wine Garden, but outdoors, wine, and music like this seems like a perfect combination.  I love music that makes drinkers feel classy, plus the zither is just a really cool sounding instrument, and Karas is an incredible performer.

Billy Boyd plus Steve Douglas and the Rebel Rousers

As you may be able to tell by the titles, these are two records put out by the Crown Records label that are very heavily influenced by Duane Eddy.  These may not be the most amazing instrumentals you've ever heard, but instrumental rock makes great background music and that is the best purpose for these records.  With plenty of twangy guitars, big beats, and wailing saxes, here's 22 tracks of obscure Rn'R you'd probably've never heard otherwise....get cool!