Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Esquivel- 4 Corners of the World

For YEARS I've dreamed of finding an Esquivel record in a $1 bin, but I never expected it to be in such good shape.  I even found very beat up, but playable, copies of Captain Beefheart's "Safe as Milk" and Electric Prunes "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night" on later trips.
Anyway, this record is a little different than other Esquivel albums.  Rather than all kinds of instrumentation zooming all over the place, this is a more "straight forward" ensemble recording, focusing more on Esquivel's unrivaled piano skills, and still with those wonderfully wacky arrangements...maybe more like this music would've sounded performed live.  Few geniuses were ever this much fun.



  1. Hello. Do you know that tracks 1,2 & 9 are missing?

  2. good good good!!

  3. Hello, COUNT:
    I digitize my vinyl straight to a CD burner, and the missing tracks were mistakes I made digitizing. This probably shows up a lot on this blog. I'm usually drinking while digitizing. All of the songs from the LP are on there, though...I always double check, just in case.