Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Out of Tune Pianos=Southern Sentimentality

These two records, found on the same day in two separate $1 bins, reek of sentimentality, for better or worse, and also a lazy, drunken, Southern feel. Therefore I hope Erik, Andrew, and Sarah (if they hear this) can use these if they feel nostalgic for Greensboro. Chub Cheer!
I also love out of tune tack pianos.

There are skips in a few tracks, but for $1 from Habitat Restore with the record falling through the jacket, what can you expect?


I must say I prefer this record to the previous one. The addition of drums and banjo definitely give it that little something extra. Is it more hokey? I don't know and I don't care! Salvation Army does it again!


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  1. with a little more time, the 1st has grown on me a lot, largely due to the simplicity and tinkling mechanical nature of solo player piano