Thursday, May 20, 2010

Country Teasers- Back To The Future (Brideshead Revisited Revisited)

This is a compilation of the early band's ("Pastoral Not Rustic"/"Satan Is Real Again" line-up) out-takes and live recordings (1994-96). Some are heard on "Science Hat..." and solo versions on Alan Country Davidson tapes. Personally, I can't have enough different versions of any Wallers song plus the first Country Teasers I ever heard was this line up and it's nice to hear a more from them, even if Guided Missile made them censor "Women and Children 1st" and their joke take on "Tainted Love" from a condom awareness show in Slovenia might be taken the wrong way by people without a sense of humor (as well as most C.T. songs).
The first 11 tracks would fit comfortably on either "Pastoral.." or "Satan is Real Again." Plus "Milkman" has one of my favorite opening lines: "Network first program on Irish Siamese twins plays Enya as the family visit the grave of the dead one." I'm not sure why I love that line so much, apart from my absolute hatred of Enya and it's overly cheesy phony bullshit. Wallers should write a book already.
The drunken live tracks are a nice touch too, especially Wallers alternate take on John Denver's "Country Roads" [followed by live takes on "I'm a New Person, Ma'am (not listed)] and "Axe Greenan" shows them at their worst. It's nice to have bands have a sense of humor about their own fuckings up.
If any of you have links to other live Country Teasers or Rebel recordings, let us know, please.
"Christ on a fucking rubber bike, let it be."


  1. Hi

    I think I may have a copy of the WFMU show which features a Teasers set from a few years back somewhere. You want?

  2. is it from the time of "The Empire Strikes Back"? i already have that one, but if there's another i'd love it.