Thursday, May 20, 2010

Incredibly Strange Music Vol. 1

What I like so much about this kind of "strange" music versus contemporary "strange" bands is that these musicians use their own inner weirdness instead of relying almost solely on effects pedals, sampling, referencing what has already been done, half-assed improvisational bullshit, and a bunch of dumb hollering. These sound more otherworldly by being more unique personal manifestations by uniquely strange people. Just imagine the musicians in the studio recording any of these songs.
Examples: what sounds like an Art Carney impersonation over Beach Boys style harmonies, a ten minute telling of a telephone conversation between Buddha and a Yogi who sounds like a mid-western housewife, frantic xylophones, everyday noises turned into songs, self loathing and societal parody, solo whistlers, etc.
100% enjoyable and makes me want to go search through every thrift store record pile I can get to.


  1. many thanx this and volume 2 are both wicked

  2. Hi. Volume! seems extremely rare to find. Could you RE-UP this please?