Thursday, May 20, 2010

God Less America

This is a collection of obscure country songs from 1955-1966 covering topics as alcoholism, drug abuse, murder, mothers reduced to stripping, fear of the dark, dumb risks, Johnny Cash impersonations, paranoia, despair, death, etc. Depending on your mood this can be outstanding or overwhelming. Drunkenness and a bad mood are encouraged.
Have a few for the ongoing decline of humanity.

1) Ramblin Red Bailey- 8 Weeks in a Barroom
2) Arkey Blue & the Blue Cowboys- Too Many Pills
3) Billy Ray- The Story of Susie
4) Chuck Wells- Down and Out
5) Harry Johnson- It's Nothing to Me
6) Horace Heller- Ed's Place
7) Pierce Brothers- Death Row
8) Country Johnny Mathis- Caryl Chessman
9) Troy Hess- Please Don't Go Topless, Mother
10) Hi-Fi Guys- Rock 'N' Roll Killed My Mother
11) Mohawk & the Rednecks- Enchanted Forest
12) Cal Veale- Paralysed
13) Paul Barton- My Neighbor the Firefighter
14) Granpa Joe- The Drunken Driver
15) Eddie Noack- Dolores
16) Lum Hatcher- Behind the Fear

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