Monday, May 10, 2010

Country Teasers- "Pinball Machine" *PLUS*

This is a C.T. (more like the Rebel) track from a comp. put out by Multiball Magazine. I've never heard the rest of the comp., but this track is more than strong enough to stand on its own. In the same vein as "Secret Weapon Revealed at Last," "Exciting New Venue...," etc. AKA drunken country swagger with bleeping electronics and lo fi drum machine shuffle. Result: a song I can listen to for hours on end (and if you think I'm exaggerating...).
Pure fucking genius.

3 more versions by The Fall, Lonnie Irving, and Merle Kilgore. So surprising that Wallers' version most resembles the Fall's. Who woulda thunk it?


  1. Great track. An improvement on the Fall's version I think, which itself was an improvement on the original by Lonnie Irving? Now I'm not sure if I've ever heard the original. Maybe you could put up all three tracks side by side..

  2. i need to find those...
    thanks for the idea.

  3. I listened to this all day at work today (I work in a kitchen at a bar). You weren't lying about listening for hours on end. Anyway, i found this, sounds like the original:

  4. cant believe ive never heard of the country teasers. thanks but that link is gone now... but ill put that on my wishlist