Thursday, February 23, 2012

Year Of Birds- Wade Reactive

Most of my friends seem frustrated at my complete lack of affection for any new/young bands. Sorry, but most of it doesn't speak to me at all. So imagine my surprise when I put this CD EP on. Quick bursts of lo-fi-post-punk-rawk. I hear influences of The Fall, Country Teasers, The Yummy Fur, and Urinals with plenty of Garage-y energy, AKA right up my weird narrow alley. This was originally released on a split cassette with Girl Sweat (from Leeds) December, 2011. How's that for contemporary music appreciation?!
For fans of The Rebel, you may recognize Year Of Birds (from Middlesbrough, England) from the most recent split LP, (limited to 250 and still available...see link below to get one before they run out and you have to pay overblown e-bay prices) both sides of which are excellent, but I gotta say I like this E.P. best of all, including the Rebel's side (which I've gotta say is a step up from "Five Year Plan"). These 5 rockers (in 7 minutes) draw way more repeated listens than any of the above, at absolutely no fault of any of the above.
So here it is, the first ever winner of the Uuhngreh Schpuggenuh best new band award. Year Of Birds is definitely a band to watch out for.

and here's a link to the Girl Sweat side of the tape.  Great lo-fi noisy garage skronk:


  1. Hi im a long time folower of your blog, love it. Have you seen the new rebel tape releases on nightschool and neen records?

    what does uuhngreh schpuggenuh mean?

  2. No, I haven't seen the new tapes, thanks for the head's up and kind words! The name is meaningless gibberish, some sort of angry-ish nonsense with a sense of humor.

  3. thanks for this great blog! lots of gems in here! gotta recommend adding hasil to your mix at some point, moon over madison!!

  4. I think the present day UK post-punk/lo-fi/garage scene is the best thing going in modern music...

    1. I saw these guys last year with Scott & Charlene's Wedding and Fawn Spots, from York, who are WELL worth checking out. Three cracking bands.