Friday, February 10, 2012

Secret Message Machine- Giants Madmen and Ghosts

One of the main things I like most about Secret Message Machine is its balance-it's modestly confident but nothing is overdone, it's lo-fi but surprisingly clear, poppy but not too poppy, sometimes melancholy but not maudlin, etc. etc. like I've written on every SMM review by now.
If any of you have downloaded "Capitalist Bastards Communist Fools" or "Orphanville" from this blog, this one falls right in-between those chronologically and sonically. "Abandoned Children" was made of out-takes from this album, too.
Can't you tell I'm trying to do you a favor?!
See some samples below.
Even though it's good the first time around, I also found that this album really starts to unfold after a few listens. Time invested in any SMM album is time well spent. Download them all and find out for yourself, dammit.

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