Friday, February 10, 2012

The Fall- Live To Air in Melbourne '82

Recorded on same tour as "In A Hole." This one may not be quite equal the high level of manic energy of "In A Hole," and the recording is a bit drier but it's still really fucking good. A great live recording for some similar, some different reasons. I do like that this one includes more stuff that was to be on "Perverted By Language," one up there on my long list of Fall favorites.

1) I Feel Voxish (sounds like it's still being worked out)
2) Hard Life In Country
3) I'm Into CB
4) Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul
5) Solicitor In Studio
6) Tempo House
7) The Classical
8) Marquis Cha Cha
9) Room To Live
10) Hexen Hour/Strife Knot
11) Deer Park
12) Totally Wired
13) Joker Hysterical Face
14) Hip Priest


  1. 'i feel voxish' sounded more like a dead c track! ;)

    p.s:-nothing wrong with dead c, of course!

  2. tbh, i was asking about deadsc re-ups, but atm i'm full to the brim.
    what i'd love is if you would gradually re-up some of those fall boots.
    at the same time, i'll have a google around and see if i can track them down elsewhere.
    if i do, i'll drop you a line (if you're missing any)