Friday, February 10, 2012

Poodlestick- Reasonable People (Deluxe Edition)

Poodlestick self description:
"Back in 2005, in a two story duplex on Wilson St, Poodlestick came together and recorded their one and only album, "Reasonable People." Although it is the only album released under the poodlestick name it is part of a continuum of experimental / noise recordings made by Erik Chaplinsky (Summer Camp Casanova) and Michael Barrett (Secret Message Machine). The first of those is blank_blank’s find the phantom limb. In some ways, this is the follow up to that release. blank blank went on to record as a five piece band and Erik and Michael continued the experimental recordings as poodlestick and then Mystery Pill with Chuck Chambers (Kaleidoscope Death).
With intense drum beats and synth monoliths, "Reasonable People" has its fair share of melody and rhythm. Sometimes chaotic, sometimes ambient. The recordings were mostly improvised, with some set songs. Later the recordings were further produced through some overdubs, mixing, and blending the songs together so that what you get is basically two pieces of music composed of smaller fragments of songs."

To me, Poodlestick was always a great combination of loose, lo-fi, noisy yet musical, immediate tunes for short attention spans. Maybe why the band was so short lived. Anyway, this is great background music, which to me is a true sign of quality instrumental music.
This Deluxe Edition also includes one recorded piece from their all too brief 2008 reunion and an entire set recorded and broadcast live on college radio (WUAG) in 2005, which is a personal favorite of mine. I may be biased on that one because I had done an uncomfortable solo set just before them, went out to Michael's truck to drink beers and listen to Poodlestick before going back in to join them for a Mystery Pill set. Good times and good tunes.
Very pleasing spontaneous sounds.

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  1. I didn't notice till now that there's no Artist listed on the file for the re-union track. It's very worth your while to scroll to the bottom of I-tunes, if you use it, and find a track called: poodlestick-up-in-that-junk. Enjoy!