Friday, February 10, 2012

Michel Legrand- Rendezvous In Paris

I may not like this one as much as "I Love Paris," or a lot of his movie scores (esp. Nouvelle Vague stuff) but it's still really enjoyable. The arrangements are still better than most easy listening/jazz band leaders. His arrangement style is pretty romantic and cinematic, which definitely helps an instrumental album of Parisian tunes.
I like the cut and paste nature of the delightfully cheesy, "Boum," plus it also features a version of the tune from Truffaut's, "Stolen Kisses," that was always getting stuck in my head ("I Wish You Love," see below). At least now I have an instrumental version of the song.
If you're familiar with any of Legrand's 60's output or possibly a fan of French New Wave music meets more stereotypical "French" music, this is definitely worth a listen. Easy going...

Original version by Charles Trenet:

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