Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs- Li'l Red Riding Hood

These guys complete and total lack of seriousness never loses its charm. Too bad it's not seen in bands these days.
These guys were the Ramones of the 60's. Almost every song sounded exactly the same and they were one of the few bands who could pull it off. Even if a lot of songs are based on nursery rhymes. If you take it seriously, you may not enjoy don't!
If you've heard "Li'l Red Riding Hood" or "Wooly Bully," you know what to expect...great times and silly tunes.

1) Li'l Red Riding Hood
2) Hanky Panky
3) Deputy Dog
4) Green'ich Grendel
5) Mary is my Little Lamb
6) Sweet Talk
7) El Toro De Goro (The Peace Loving Bull)
8) The Phantom
9) Little Miss Muffet
10) Pharaoh-A-Go-Go
11) Ring Them Bells
12) Grasshopper

and also the single with a non-LP B-side, "Love Me Like Before."
Great stuff.

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