Thursday, April 22, 2010

Guided By Voices- Sunfish Holy Breakfast

I find it strange that this E.P. was made of out-takes from "Under the Bushes Under the Stars." To me, "Sunfish Holy Breakfast" is vastly superior to that album which I see as the beginning of the end of GBV, where they gave up making more interesting music for themselves and thought they were rock stars that had to please a larger, more fickle, audience. This E.P. also benefits from a more lo-fi production...GBV just never sounded right on studio recordings to me, and "Cocksoldiers and Their Postwar Stubble" was produced by Dayton, Ohio's other lo-fi wonder, Kim Deal. Plus "Jabberstroker" ranks way up there in my GBV favorites.
If you prefer the early, lo fi, experimental over professional rock songs, this E.P. can represent the swan song for the old GBV where the music still had that extra something special that made so many people start paying attention to them in the first place.
And yes, one of the naked hippies on the front is Robert Pollard.
How many beers can you drink in under 23 minutes?

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