Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nino Rota- La Dolce Vita

I've tried not to go on too much about the genius of the meeting of the minds of Fellini and Rota, and will spare you here. I'm also assuming you've seen the movie and that's why you looked for this.
Great stuff. This movie has always had one of two polar effects on me; it makes me either want to start going out all the time, or lock the doors and never leave the house. The music is also either a great warm up, or follow up, to a night out or an ideal soundtrack for a solitary party.
There are several songs in each track, which is rough if you're searching for a particular tune. However, like all good records, it's best listened to from start to finish, even if you have to endure "Jingle Bells," but seeing as it's summer when I write this, it adds a bit of humor to the shitty heat.

one of my favorite scenes

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