Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Fall- Live @ The Keystone, Berkeley, California: 10th July 1981

Another great show from the 1981 U.S. tour (nothing here on "A Part Of America Therein, 1981"). I don't like Berkeley, and it seems like such an unlikely place for the Fall to play. I hope a lot of those fuckers were squirming, and they probably were, because the Fall are in very fine form here.
Great set, bass is too quiet, though. Leave it to some dipshit soundman from Berkeley to turn Steve Hanley down.

1) Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul
2) An Older Lover
3) Totally Wired
4) The N.W.R.A.
5) Fit And Working Again
6) Hip Priest
7) New Face In Hell
8) Prole Art Threat
9) Container Drivers
10) No Xmas For John Quays


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  1. older lover sounded identical to the single version, apart from when the huge smacking toms/snares came in.