Monday, July 25, 2011

Recent Rebel E.P. Info

There's a link to stream and/or buy the newest Rebel E.P. "The Five Year Plan"
Only one complaint...he sent them 13 tracks, they pressed 3 on one side and screened a 2 tone picture of a ball on the other. To people who thought "A Forest" was a waste of vinyl, I offer this as a counter argument.
Another recent split between The Rebel and The Bomber Jackets. Thankfully The Bomber Jackets side is excellent, equal at least, unlike other splits with terrible bands like Eezee Tiger and Bo Knows.

The Rebel's songs on both records are very good, definitely worth picking both up, but I can't help but think he's saving the cream of the crop for the next album.


  1. hm, strangely enough, you do not seem that thrilled with these songs. while i unfortunately can not comment on the bomber jackets split, the five year plan sounds in-fucking-credibly good. "prove it" is mindblowing, it and "mound" are among the best stuff ben has ever recorded. it is only shame that i live in a village in eastern europe and i dont own a record player and i cant seem to find an illegal copy of this fantastic piece of art. ah well, thats life for you.

  2. I do like them very much, just not as much as "Race Against Time.." That one was just so damn good, a hard one to follow up in my taste. I have such a short attention span that I space out completely with the longer, subdued, cut and splice repetition of "Mound" and "Prove It." In two weeks I'll probably be saying the opposite. No matter how much I love The Rebel, every record takes a little while to sink in.

  3. I must say that "Five Year Plan" has failed to hold my interest. I really hate loop pedals...all nuance, tension, magnetism is lost without playing the song the whole way through (in my opinion). Add this to the laziness Ben is always talking about and I'm putting another record on instead. I hate to admit it, but I find this to be the Rebel's most boring release. "Prove It" starts strong, but goes on for too long and doesn't really go anywhere...would've been much better at half the length.