Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Fall- Austerbaejarbio

Live in Iceland, May 06, 1983 on the way back from a U.S. tour around the time of "Perverted By Language."
Great set-list, great performance, good recording, also features the 12+ minute unreleased, "Backdrop."
I can never get enough of the Fall, and it seems each song was never really played the exact same way twice, which makes mixing in live albums more appealing than just listening to the albums over and over (even though I have no problem with that) and bootlegs of this quality are always appreciated.

1) Tempo House
2) The Classical
3) Eat Y'Self Fitter
4) Hexen Definitive
5) I Feel Voxish
6) The Man Whose Head Expanded
7) Garden
8) Kicker Conspiracy
9) Look, Know
10) Backdrop



  1. Many thanx for this. Do you have Pheyr from same show and if, can you upload it???

  2. Hello,good to find some Fall Stuff that i don't have yet!

  3. there's no such thing as enough Fall, glad to help!