Friday, May 27, 2011

Ed Sanders- Sanders' Truckstop

The vinyl may not be in the best shape, but the scratchyness fits, to me.
This is some funny shit. I work in a "natural foods co-op", so I really hate hippies, maybe more than the average person, and making fun of them is my favorite pass-time, so that adds to my appreciation of this album. How can you NOT make fun of hippies? They really just bring it upon themselves...
Ed Sanders (from the Fugs...whose sense of humor is abundant here) delivers a gloriously un-PC album of weirdo country tunes, and oddly on Reprise, meaning Frank Sinatra paid to put this album out, but it's pretty safe to assume that Sinatra hated hippies, too, and would take money off anybody.
No use telling the jokes here, better when taken by surprise.
I see this as a precursor to Jon Wayne's, "Texas Funeral." The music here is way more polished, but it has a very similar sense of humor to the piss-take, "fuck you," low brow corny smart ass greatness of Jon Wayne. Just mix that with the Fugs and there you go, Sanders Truckstop!

Chili Shrimp Spaghetti

funny stuff, if you can make it out:


  1. Hi there,

    Are you able to re-up Ed??

    Great site!!!


  2. Dang, let me see if I can find my digital copy, and thanks!