Friday, May 27, 2011

IT'S HONKY-TONK TIME! The Down Yonder Piano of Del Wood

Any old honky tonk piano record that opens with a bottle pop, some drunken slurring and laughter is A-OK in my book.
Del Wood (real name Adelaide Hazelwood) was apparently a regular on the Grand Ole Opry, and was known to blindfold herself, cover the keyboard with a heavy velvet robe and not miss a note.
What's different about this record is that it brings more "modern" instruments, like electric guitar, bass, and organ. Was it to give it a more "contemporary" feel? I don't care, it works. The organ has an almost Nino Rota Fellini score effect, no going wrong there.
These songs are not meant to be seriously examined or be taken as some artistic statement, only to create an atmosphere for good times, and this record creates a far more fun atmosphere than serious music, or any dance music from disco to present.
To me at least.
Drinking beers also adds to the enjoyment of this music, and also suits being lazy in the heat, and when you combine the two it makes a whole lotta sense.