Friday, May 27, 2011

Pablo Casals and Rudolf Serkin- Beethoven Sonatas For 'Cello and Piano

This record is in pretty rough shape (does have one brief series of skips), but aside from how great the music is, I also love this recording. It seems far more informal to me, like an intimate live performance, complete with occasional ambient sounds and through headphones you can hear them talking, (maybe giving signals?) making it sound like they're there in the room with you, but the scratchyness of the record creates sonic antiquity and a degree of separation.
An imperfect copy of a great recording of great performances of great compositions.


  1. I have a mono copy of this and can find absolutely nothing on the internet about it. Any ideas?

  2. I found mine in the Salvation Army $1 you have the jacket? other than what's on the back, I've got no idea, sorry.

  3. Yes, its complete. I was going to give it away to a young friend that's big into classical, but its such a pleasant sounding release, I'm going to keep it.