Monday, June 20, 2011

Ray Martin and his Piccadilly Strings- Rainy Night In London

In a way it's not so surprising to me that after 4 years (during WWII) in the British Intelligence Corps, someone would want to make the career change to Easy Listening music. Everything here is light, slowed down, woozy, with minimal percussion and occasional solo trombone. At times it reminds me of Jackie Gleason, only if it took away the percussion and switched from trombone to trumpet. The dew-eyed instrumental romanticism is very similar.
I can find little wrong with slow motion instrumental imagination inducing $1 records.


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  2. If you can, please re-upload this, Thanks

  3. could you please re-post a link to Ray Martin Rainy Night In London my hard-drive died and i lost my music i am having a hard time finding this album please help