Thursday, July 1, 2010

Teenage Dance Party with King Uszniewicz and his Uszniewicztones

I posted the other 2 King U. albums at the very beginning of this blog. I definitely prefer those two to this one, but that is not saying anything against this record in any way, shape, or form.
There is a long write up there, too.
But what made Cub Koda [of Brownsville Station ("Smokin' in the Boy's Room") fame] want to record them is that he realized it just wasn't the drunkenness or an off night, they just were THIS BAD. Even though this album is probably the most "competent" of the 3. The first two tracks were actually issued as a single on Koda's "1 Shot" label. Their only release in their six year existence, and at least it was put on the jukebox at the Orbit Room, the bowling alley where they where regular performers, until it burned down.
I think if I could go back in time and be in any band I wanted...I would want to be a U-Tone.
All 3 LP's are still available from Norton Records. If they've managed to track down Ernie "King" Uszniewicz yet, please put some royalties in his pocket. These 3 records are priceless artifacts of the most true rock n' roll band of all time. Great for having drinks with friends.


  1. Ernie was Cub Koda

  2. No, Ernie was not Cub Koda.

  3. Could you please reup all of the 3 king u LPs?